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Alaska Digital Media Productions is your source for economic media solutions. Ranging from video and photo services to web, print, and sound.  New Concepts, New Strategies, Improved Results!

Digital production is the process in which digital files are created, enhanced, encoded, and distributed using numerous methods of processing via computer hardware and software applications. These files represent assorted media types, including audio, video, graphic, and written content as seen on the Internet. These media types are most often specifically coded to function in a pre-determined environment or platform. Digital media production exists as the primary discipline for the creation of digital music, streaming video, and other content made available to a mass audience. This industry makes it possible for the world to see and hear things differently and with more imagination.

The definition of digital production is constantly changing as the boundaries of technology expand each day. In many cases, digital media production refers to the production of visual media, as in digitally enhanced animation; or new media creation, including website creation, multimedia authoring, and the creation of computer games. Since digital media files are based on the binary numeral system, which refers to the individual states of zero and one as a representation of data, the types and possibilities of creation are endless as technology progresses. Logically, digital media production encompasses an area responsible for multiple processes, which in turn has the potential to create media of numerous genres and styles.

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